Train Them So You Keep Them Book

We are excited to be the first online store that Master Instructor Rosanna McKinney came to when she published her new book written just for trainers. Rosanna shares valuable audio files, student exercises, games and much more to help you train and retain your new and existing team. Here is a short description of this very valuable book: Now there is a book for the Communications Training Officer! This book shares training methodologies along with 42 different ready-to-use activities and forms for the trainer and activity sheets for the students. All these activities are NOW ONLINE no CD needed, just email for access to the audio files. The activity sheets include games, puzzles, scenario-based activities and a wealth of worksheets to help your students learn and retain. All of the worksheets and activities can be modified to make them agency specific. The online information alone is worth the price of the book. There are nearly 300 call taking scenarios and 72 real 9-1-1 calls in audio format. You can play them from the web or imbed them in a presentation. You will also get 35 written call scripts and 18 dispatch scenarios to choose from. These are tried and true activities to boost your training effectiveness!  We are the only place you can get the book and online resources for $34.99.  The time it would take you to find the 9-1-1 calls alone would take you a day of hard work. This is a must have for every 9-1-1 related trainer! These books are in stock and ready to ship!


Customer Comment: I just purchased your book and are only a couple of pages down and I LOVE IT!!! I have worked in Public Safety since October of 1995.--Michelle K

Train Them So You Keep Them Book
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