Support the Troops Pin

A dispatcher I overheard at a conference inspired this pin. She said they could only wear "public safety related" pins on their uniforms and work lanyards. Enough said, we had our artist bring together the yellow troop support pin and our headset art! It also serves as a strong reminder to all of us that there are many "Everyday Heroes" here and abroad fighting for our country.  Whether you support the war or the administration, we know you will join us in supporting our troops.  God bless America and God bless your friends, family and co-workers serving in our armed forces.  No matter what you think of the war, we all support our troops.  To honor the thousands of dispatch professionals with family and friends serving in our military, we offer this great pin for just $4.99!  As always, our pins have 2 pin backs. Pin size is 1/2" by 1".

Support the Troops Pin
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  • Manufacturer: 911 CARES exclusive
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