Stork Pin

Have you or one of your agency first responders ever been responsible for bringing a new life into the world?  911CARES now has the 9-1-1 baby delivery stork!  This happy stork has “9-1-1” printed in gold on its hat and is holding a blue or pink bundle of joy.  This pin is jewelry quality and has two pin backs to keep it straight on your uniform or lanyard.  Agencies should stock up on a few and have them ready for the 9-1-1 professionals and responders!  You can also purchase a jewelry box separately from 911CARES to complete the presentation! Look for bulk/tiered pricing. Pin measures 7/8" by 1". 

Stork Pin
  • Item #: PIN-STORK
  • Manufacturer: 911 CARES exclusive
  • Condition: New
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