PIN BOX-2.25" x1.75"

This black gift/pin box also includes a cotton padded interior like you get from your jewelry store.  It makes any pin a gift!  The following 911CARES pins fit in this box: the flag pin, the 911CARES heart pin, the 911 lifesaver pin, and our popular breast cancer pin and our stork pins. The following bar-style pins also fit: 9-1-1, CTO and EMD.  This adds great presentation quality to pins that are given as awards, gifts or for a job well done!  If you have a question about what other pins fit the box, call us 650-595-5202 x109 or 105!

PIN BOX-2.25" x1.75"
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  • Item #: PIN BOX-2.25" x1.75"
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