Gordon Graham Full Set of 4 Discs

  • This seminar was taped live with an audience of Public Safety Professionals 5 years ago. We have a very few sets available since we have a more current lecture available. If you want a taste of Mr. Graham and his knowledge but can't afford the Have you seen Gordon Graham in person and you would love to share his knowledge and lecture with others? Here is the answer! These four discs include a full day lecture from Mr. Graham. It also allows you access to the full hand-out and reading list. You can use it over and over to remind yourself of "risk management", "predictable is preventable" and all the other great lessons that Gordon speaks of.

    This is an absolutely amazing set of training DVD's by one of America's absolute best public safety speakers. Gordon Graham is a natural treasure and a pleasure to learn from. Gordon speaks on risk management, process and how to improve the public safety workplace. This is ALL FOUR DVD's. You will also receive a password to download a 30+ page hand-out. You are investing in the future of your agency by purchasing these DVD's. Believe us, this is the best single instructor training DVD set you will ever purchase. Sold individually, this set would cost $796 but we have them on a very special sale until we run out. This set is now only $199.

    DISC 1:The Seven Rules of Admiral Hyman Rickover and How They Apply to Emergency Operations. Avoiding Risk! 68 minutes in length.

    DISC 2: The Five Concurrent Themes for Success.  69 minutes in length.

    DISC 3: Why Things Go Right and Why They Don’t. It’s Predictable! Preventing disaster. 63 minutes in length.

    DISC 4: Organizational Risk Management for your Public Safety and Emergency Operations. 70 minutes in length.

Gordon Graham Full Set of 4 Discs
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