Embroidered Nufit Baseball Cap

This baseball hat is the best fitting hat you will ever own. The Nu-Fit technology (no back adjustment strap or ugly plastic snaps here my friend) has an internal spandex (Not 70's spandex, this is so comfortable!) that allows for the hat to grip comfortably to your head. One of our younger staffers suggested it and now that they are here, we see why she suggested it! The hat comes in two sizes: small-medium or large-xl so it is a perfect choice for men/women or any size head! The brim of the hat is pre-curved and the 9-1-1 embroidery matches the red brim strip. Normally $12.50, now just $9.50!

Embroidered Nufit Baseball Cap
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  • Item #: GIN-EMB-BB-NUFIT
  • Condition: New
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