Between December 2 & December  16th, 911 CARES is collecting funds to give to the 8 Dispatchers that lost their homes in the recent California Fires. The dispatchers work at Paradise Police, Butte County 9-1-1 and the Chico office of the California Highway Patrol.

If we are made aware of other dispatchers that have significant loss, they will receive assistance also. All losses have been verified by their agencies. If you pay via credit card or debit card, 911 CARES will absorb the transaction fee so 100% of your donations will go directly to those in need. We will deliver the funds and post pictures on our facebook page also. All donors will receive e-mail updates on December 18 (how much we collected) and December 23rd (pictures and stories of the various dispatchers) FYI, The picture shown here is the after picture of just one dispatchers lost home. She had JUST purchased the home and lived there just 3 months. 100% loss. We are helping the dispatchers that have lost their homes. 

Those receiving assistance will receive a paper and electronic document that will show your agency name or your individual name (how ever you show it on your order or show it in the notes area of your order) and your e-maail address. They will NOT know how much you donated or your mailing address. Just name and e-mail in case they want to thank you. 

We are setting a goal of $10,000. That will be $1,000 for each family that lost their home and smaller amounts to those that have lost belongings but not homes. ALL donations made by 7am December 17th will be disperspersed before December 23rd to help their Christmas. 

We will post updates on our Facebook page 

Keep an eye on that page. IF you would like to send a card of support or a Christmas card, send it to us and we will deliver it, Send it to
PSTC-911 CARES 3 Lagoon Drive Suite 170 - Redwood City, CA 94065. Make sure they arrive to us by December 21. Gift cards may also be sent and we will evenly disperrse them. 

Thanks everyone - let's show these 9-1-1 Super Heroes how much we care about them!  


IMPORTANT- You can donate ANY amount starting at $1   
If you want to donate $25, just increase the quantity to 25 and so on. $100 donation? Just add 100 quantity. If you are doing your donation along with a product order, you will NOT be charged for shipping for this item. Donations are not calculated in shipping.


BONUS - if we see your order includes a donation, we will toss in a couple nice freebies you will LOVE. That is our thank you for your generosity! Thanks again and Merry Christmas! 


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