911onDVD Volume 4 - Disc 1


Receive the best possible in-service training via DVD. TEN different subject matter experts are on this great DVD with 14 chapters and almost 4 hours of various segments. You will also receive online access to the powerpoint hand-outs, quizzes and a tracking sheet to keep track of the in-service training your team will receive. This is a great opportunity to use our quality DVD's for daily in-service, role call training, coaching or remediation. It's also a great way to get diversified training for new and existing employees. Use the DVD to help achieve continuing education hours and credits! For more information on this great DVD, contact PSTC at 650-591-7911 x102 or e-mail kevin@pstc911.com


Introduction & News - Kevin Willett 3:oo
Back to Basics - Locations & Mapping - Leslie Whitham 16:58
Aircraft Emergencies - Ty Wooten 8:20
Attitude Within the Dispatch Center - Doug Showalter 5:29
Conflict Resolution - Danette Yriarte 4:12
Call Taking Skills - Richard Behr 14:08
Traumatic Brain Injuries and Mental Health 19:28
Public Education - Promoting 9-1-1 - Kevin Willett 14:15
Back to Basics - Complacency Tape Critique Leslie Whitham 16:40
Addressing Issues - Emily Grover 26:19
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Dr. Greg Sancier - 21:10
Combatting Complacency in Communications - Doug & Danette 13:58
Games Trainers Play (for CTO's and trainers) - Leslie Whitham 18:44
Tragedies - Problems Lying in Wait (featuring Gordon Graham) 13:59

911onDVD Volume 4 - Disc 1
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